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RepoZone.ca - Ontario Repossession Management Group

Once you decide that your collateral needs to be repossessed, you want a repossessor that is going to act fast. We work directly with Bailiffs in Ontario, that have been Certified & Accredited by passing our Application Process. Repossessions of Assets / Collateral by a Bailiffs in Ontario. We are the FASTEST in the Business! All the paperwork is done & Dispatched to the closest Bailiff - LIVE! No Answering Machines - No Answering Services to deal with.

RepoZone will act quickly, and professionally to dispatch your request to 'ONLY LICENCED' and or 'APPOINTED BAILIFFS - LOCATED IN ONTARIO'. The Ontario Bailiff will repo your collateral wherever it may be. RepoZone is not a repossession company, so we are NEUTRAL and DRIVEN to make your requests happen quickly & efficiently.

We provide a Quick 30 Minute Service - so that fast repossessions happen. RepoZone is a computer dispatch system; with digitally equipped Bailiff Vehicles & Trucks, that enable us to minimize the time between faxing & emailing us an order. Faster repossession service, is our commitment to all of our customers.
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You Will Be Asked To Supply:

Signed Agreements / Lease / Work Order
Statement of Account
Copy of any Demand Letters / Emails
Any Supporting Documents or Materials
RepoZone is as Easy As 1, 2 or 3:

1 - Submit Online Warrants, or

- FAX - Toll Free 1-888-489-9219
, or

- Email us the proper documents

Call us Toll Free 1-888-488-9219
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You Get Instant LIVE Updates from the Bailiff in the Field; Pictures, GPS Maps & Comments
Auto Warrant for Repossession Orders - to have Your Collateral Seized Promptly & Correctly
You Get the Lowest Fees and Disbursements Available - GURANTEED!
You will Get Instant Results and Confirmations of ALL Your Requests.

Within Minutes of Sending a Order, a Bailiff will call you to let you
know when your Warrant for Repossession will be Executed. That's it! It's that Simple!

We Can Secure New Liens
We Conduct Proper Lien Searches Before the Repossession = NO MISTAKES
We Find the Closest Accredited Bailiff to Accept the Assignments Quickly
We Manage the Process & Progress and REPORT Back to You

WE OFFER: Car Repossessions, Truck Repossessions, Heavy Equipment Repossessions, Boat Repossessions, RV's Repossessions, Tractor Trailer Repossessions, Equipment Repossessions, Collateral Repossessions, Commercial Tenant Lockouts / Evictions, Landlord Distress of Tenants Goods